Our Board

  • David Beattie
    David Beattie Chair

    David Beattie is our chair and an entrepreneur extraordinaire.  He’s committed not only to Parrsboro Creative but also the Board of Trade and several other key community initiatives.  A high-energy and thoughtful member of the Parrsboro Creative board, we often turn to David for business-based second opinions.

  • Janet Doble
    Janet Doble vice chair

    When I was asked to sit on the Board of Directors for Parrsboro Creative, I didn’t have to think very long about saying yes. The creative energy in Parrsboro is very strong at the moment and having input on where that energy goes and develops, and how to sustain it in the long term is a very exciting and inspiring venture, one that I am very pleased to be a part of.

  • Taylor Redmond
    Taylor Redmond Artist, Chair, Cumberland Art Bank

    Taylor Redmond is Project Facilitator for the Town of Parrsboro, a position aimed at developing and promoting existing assets in the town, co-ordinating the efforts of local groups and strengthening Parrsboro’s branding efforts.

    Main Street is her priority – particularly developing and implementing a coherent image of the street consistent with Parrsboro branding – and she’s doing a bang-up job.

  • Steve Johnson
    Steve Johnson Secretary
    “I have been self employed for most of my life. I had an insurance brokerage business in Ontario for 20 years and a networking business in England for 16 years. I have been a sailor all my life so it’s wonderful to be close to the water. We moved to Parrsboro in June 2016 and feel very lucky to have found a community where there is so much happening of an artistic nature. I am excited to be joining the board of Parrsboro Creative. I am looking forward to being a part of the sea change that I see happening over the next few years.”
  • Tom McLaren
    Tom McLaren Board Member

    Tom is very interested in seeing the vision of Parrsboro Creative become a reality. As the only practicing lawyer in town his contribution as a board member is from the standpoint of the law but in reality Tom brings a wealth of knowledge of business and human interest.

  • Michael Fuller
    Michael Fuller Past Chair - Artist - Chair PIPAF

    Michael is a thoughtful leader in the arts community in general, let alone here at Parrsboro Creative.  His contacts have proven invaluable and Michael’s generosity seems to be limitless.  Whether he’s counseling a young actor, artist or musicians, his insight is easy to read.  We value Michael for all that he is and are certainly blessed to have him leading our board and our mission.


  • Jocelyn Li
    Jocelyn Li Executive Director

    Working in both Halifax and Toronto, I continually yearned to be “at home” with nature. It isn’t surprising that the reputation of Parrsboro precedes itself; it has all the creative values and a natural seascape that I am looking for! I am thrilled to be joining the community with such a robust line-up of educational programs and cultural events that I will be delivering on behalf of Parrsboro Creative. I look forward to immersing myself in conversation and hearing feedback on all the potential, collaborative projects that I’m raring to do! To be in this position is both an honour and an absolute delight.

  • Bruce Lantz
    Bruce Lantz Director of Marketing & Communications

    Bruce Lantz, a native of Truro, comes to Parrsboro Creative with more than four decades of experience in journalism and marketing, as a reporter, photographer, editor, publisher and national editorial consultant. Bruce recently moved back to his home province, and with wife and author Janet McNaughton maintains homes in Port Greville and Dartmouth.
    “This is a new venture for me and I’m quite excited to see how the Parrsboro Creative team can help local artists and help make this community a destination for others interested in the arts.

Our Advisory Team

  • Krista Wells
    Krista Wells Artist

    Krista Wells is a respected artist, public speaker and patron of all things artistic. A well-liked member of the Parrsboro Shore artistic community, her ideas and energy bring things to life. She’s known as a “let’s make it happen” kind of woman. We’re lucky to have her in our corner.

  • Bruce Graham
    Bruce Graham Author

    Bruce Graham and his wife Helen reside in Parrsboro.  Bruce’s broadcasting career took him from Calgary to Winnipeg, New Brunswick and Halifax, where he anchored television newscasts.  As a prolific author, Bruce has written several books, including :The Parrsboro Boxing Club, Dream of the Dove, Ivor Johnson’s Neighbours, Anchorman, Diligent River Daughter and Duddy Doesn’t Live Here Anymore.  We are thrilled to have Bruce on the Parrsboro Creative advisory team.

  • Helen Tyson
    Helen Tyson Artist

    Rod and Helen Tyson incorporated their business in 1988, and they moved Tyson’s Fine Minerals to Parrsboro  in 2007.  They welcome visitors to their shop, and even into their impressive hilltop home overlooking Parrsboro Harbour as time allows.   Helen began making stone bead jewellery in 1991.  She and Rod also buy, sell and trade international minerals, with an emphasis on well-crystalized display specimens.

  • Kerwin Davidson
    Kerwin Davidson Magician

    Parrsboro Mayor Lois Smith presented the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal to several deserving residents of Parrsboro & area for their outstanding service and achievements in 2013.  Kerwin Davidson is among those recipients and that makes us all very proud!  A magician and respected volunteer, Kerwin always looks for the silver lining if there’s ever a cloud.  Thanks for being a part of the Parrsboro Creative Advisory Team.

  • Tony Morley
    Tony Morley Legal

    During his lengthy law career Tony was a strong supporter of the arts in Cumberland County and has served on many boards. In Parrsboro Tony’s contribution to the development of the Ship’s Company Theatre was exceptional. Now retired and spending the harsher months in warmer climes with his wife Fran, Tony continues to advocate for the arts as part of the regions wealth. It’s a pleasure to have Tony on the  advisory team of Parrsboro Creative.

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