A Starry Night In Parrsboro

Joy Snihur Wyatt Laking

Original – Oil on Canvas – 61cm x 91cm

  • Giclée print available.
    cm x cm unframed -61cm x 91cm
    cm x cm framed (soon)

Every year, I do one or two paintings that are whimsical, colourful, and invented.  They are always based on a plein air painting but I reimagine the image, and work for a number of weeks in oils or acrylics on a large canvas.  I  was intrigued with this view of Parrsboro,  the curve in the road and the perspective of the street lights. For me, this painting represents what Parrsboro Creative is all about; a vibrant community with a love of art

Parrsboro Reflections

Susan Paterson

Original – Water colour – 20 cm x 69cm

Giclée print available.
20 cm x 69cm – unframed
cm x cm framed (available soon)

Parrsboro offers so many beautiful views and every day – every hour! – is different with the changes of light, weather and tides.  I was amazed and inspired when everything lined up perfectly at the exact moment that I happened to walk
by this scene – the nice early morning light, high tide and no wind to interrupt the beautiful reflections.
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