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Film Premiere of Groundbreaking Documentary:  

“Searching For Realism”

Presented by Parrsboro Creative & The Parrsboro Film Festival

Friday June 17 – at The Hall, 44 King Street, Parrsboro

Reception – 5:30 pm.  Film Showing 6:30 pm

PARRSBORO, NS –  “Searching for Realism” is a documentary film that chronicles a group of established artists who banded together for the purpose of creating a new exhibition of the best work in Nova Scotian realist painting. This new group, called PLANS (Professional Living Artists of Nova Scotia) consists of: Tom Forrestall, Paul Hannon, Ed Huner, Joy Laking, Gordon MacDonald, Shelley Mitchell, Susan Paterson, and Steven Rhude. Recognizing for many years that there has been a lack of representational painting shown at their provincial gallery, the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, the artists of PLAN drafted a proposal for a provincial survey exhibition that would showcase and celebrate the vibrant artistry, originality and amazing diversity of the work of living Nova Scotian painters.

To that end, PLANS members successfully gained financial support from the Robert Pope Foundation and the Craig Foundation, making it possible to organize a province-wide call for artist entries and to hire Tom Smart, a prominent national curator, to select the artists and their art for this survey. The response to this project was immediate and enthusiastic as one hundred twelve people responded to the call for entry, a testament to the extraordinary vitality of an arts community that remains committed to continued exploration in the style of representational painting.

The film follows Curator Smart as he visits artist studios across the province in search of the best in Nova Scotia realist painting. Through the cinematic eye of Filmmaker Peter Murphy, whose camera recorded the entire process, we get to visit the painters in their own studios with Tom, as he experiences first-hand the painting practices of Nova Scotian artists. The resulting film is a rare privilege to get to see the artists in their own environments and to appreciate more deeply the world-famous scenery that inspires them to recreate reality into the immensely powerful painting style that continues to re-invent itself and to capture the imagination of so many.

Searching For Realism features the twenty-six artists that were chosen for this ground-breaking exhibition as well as the exhibition itself. Peter Murphy worked with Co-director and Producer Paul Hannon to complete the film, which includes sequences of the exhibition, opening and symposium at Dalhousie Art Gallery. The music for the film was chosen by musical director Jeffrey Miller and features contemporary Nova Scotian music by John Gray, Hot Toddy and Scott Macmillan. The forty-five minute film “Searching for Realism” is a visual feast of Nova Scotia painting. It is also an inspiring story of how a small group of painters, committed to a vision, volunteered their time over a span of several years, and worked together to celebrate the art of Nova Scotia.

Representational Art Work will be on display.


The film is currently available as a DVD through the PLANS Facebook page

Please Note: To attend this event, please RSVP by Thursday June 9.

For further information, and for Media Interviews, please contact:

Robert More, Executive Director,

Parrsboro Creative

Ph: 902-728-2007


Images of Paintings:
the-farmer, Paul Hannon
Egg & Silver Tray – Sue Patterson



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