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JANET DOBLE was born in England and immigrated to Canada as a young girl. She grew up in the suburbs west of Montreal, Quebec. Her first real experience working with clay was in Morristown, New Jersey where she worked as a potter’s assistant for a year. She fell in love with the processes of throwing, loading kilns and glazing; the rhythm of production and the simple peace and satisfaction that it brought. On her return to Montreal, a few years later she attended John Abbott College in Ste. Anne de Bellevue graduating in 1984 with a diploma in ceramics. During this time her fascination with clay and the process of decorating developed into a passion that is with her to this day. She developed a particular affinity for maiolica; a white opaque glaze applied to earthenware clay on which she hand paints her floral patterns. Her inspiration continues to come from the lively bold colours of European ceramics.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: POTTERY – CREATING WITH BEACH STONES. For Beginner,Intermediate & Advanced. An Experience in Imagination, Exploration and Personal Achievement.
JULY: WED’S JULY 6, 13, 20, 27
WED’S AUG 3, 10, 17, 24
VENUE – ART LAB, Parrsboro

In this basic hand building pottery class students will select smooth beach stones of varying sizes to create functional or non-functional pieces. There will be an emphasis on embellishing simple forms with handles, feet, rims, sprigs, adding texture and slip decoration. Suggestions will be made as to items that can be created, such as serving bowls or plates, sets of bowls, vases or sculptural pieces, but students will be strongly encouraged to explore their own ideas and creativity. Local clay will be used and a small selection of slip and glazes will be supplied.

I have been a potter for over thirty five years, making functional wares for people to enjoy and to enhance their daily rituals. My work is fun, colourful, and I have been told it makes people feel happy which is exactly what I want it to do. That is after all, the reason I am a potter, to bring that sense of fun in peoples lives. And this is also why I love teaching. I have taught beginner, intermediate and advanced classes at the NS Centre for Craft and Design for twenty years. I have also taught pottery classes to children in the HRM school system. Working with students at all levels of experience is a real pleasure and I am always amazed by how they take to the clay and create unique and personal items that they can take home and use or admire for years and years to come. My classes are relaxed and set to meet the creative needs of the individual student. From simple forms and some imagination there comes a feeling of achievement and pride in the things that are made by hand.

JANET DOBLE- Turning the “little” things in life into created objects that bring great satisfaction.

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