Parrsboro Creative Arts Association  is an initiative by a group of concerned citizens to revitalize the Town of Parrsboro and turn back years of slow decline due to the cumulative effects of lost economic drivers resulting from centralization, globalization and the resulting depopulation of rural communities. The establishment of a vital multidisciplinary arts community is seen as the key in the development of a vibrant cultural economy. The fundamental focus of Parrsboro Creative is the establishment of  two major foundation blocks:

  • A Cultural Campus offering a curriculum in a unique range of cultural disciplines from fine art and craft to music, theatre and the written word.
  • Establishment of a meaningful attraction program for artists wishing to change their address, move to Parrsboro and take advantage of the amazing world that can be found here.

Our mission statement is central to our strategy.

Mission Statement

To create a vibrant artist and artisan community that will spearhead the rejuvenation and repopulation of Parrsboro with established regional, national and international artists and artisans working in a wide variety of disciplines.


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