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Ottawa House is an oceanside museum located next to the Town of Parrsboro’s beautiful public beach.  While it celebrates a storied past, it’s also alive with arts and culture and has become a home to rug hooking, art classes and artists looking to the beauty surrounding this beachside estate for inspiration.

Geneology – Much of our past is preserved in the records people kept.   From school records to diaries, the history of an area was always written down.  Unfortunately a great deal of it was kept in trunks in the attic, or boxes in the basement and as time passed, it was either destroyed by time, or thrown out as ‘junk’   The Parrsborough Shore Historical Society (correctly spelled in referring to the entire historical shoreline surrounding the Town of Parrsboro) has on site at the Ottawa House museum a large genealogy section, with records from many of the families of the local area, including numerous school records.   The Genealogy section is dedicated to the preservation of these written records and to making their hidden histories available to all. To find out more about us and our events, click the Parrsboro Creative EVENTS link on the home page.

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