37 Plein Air Juried Artists – 2017

KIM AERTS – Prospect, Nova Scotia
“My paintings are probably less about the landscape then face value would tell you. The works on these pages are a record of some of the experiences I have had that I could best describe as transcendant. Where experience empties out and preconceptions fall away and you are left with a very potent silence.

Kim studied with Smithsonian artist Ely Kish and earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1989 from Mount Allison University. He works primarily in oil on canvas and wood but has been seen dabbling in watercolour, painting landscapes of areas around eastern Canada.

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POPPY BALSAR – Digby, Nova Scotia
A Canadian watercolour artist living by the shores of the Bay of Fundy. Most of what she paints is either inspired or shaped by the sea. Poppy says about where she lives: “I feel incredibly lucky to live where I do and I use my art to share how joyful my surroundings make me.”

Poppy paints in plein air on a regular basis, going outside in all seasons. Even though she lives in Canada and it gets cold in the winter, she bundles up and goes out to paint.

2016 – Second Prize, King’s Landing Paint the Past Plein Air Festival
2015 – Best Watercolour, Bermuda Plein Air Festival, Hamilton Bermuda
Grand Prize, Montague Plein Air Festival, Montague PEI

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KENNY BOONE – Cape Breton Island
Kenny Boone has been painting full time for 26 years. His use of color and design have become his visual voice, one that reflects a love for nature and an island he proudly calls home.

In 2012 Kenny ventured off in a whole new direction. Acrylic became his new medium of choice, and painting live on stage as a performance to the accompaniment of live music became his newest challenge.


PAULINE BOUDREAU – Sherbrooke, Quebec
Je crois…… Que l’assurance extérieure est forcément le reflet d’une sécurité intérieure. Pour ça, il faut prendre le risque de chercher ma vérité et apprendre à vivre en conséquence.

“I consider myself a painter of nature. In all weather, under blazing sun, in icy cold, in rain, in snow, I scour the countryside in search of that special place to portray on canvas.

From autumnal hues of the Eastern Townships to the fiery reds of Arizona or the restful blues of Brittany and the Gaspé, my palette and brushes are at the ready”.

Reconnaissances Officielles Prix / Honours, Awards
Finaliste concours national « Rêves d’automne » 2014


EDWARD BUONVECCHIO – Manchester, Maine
Painting outdoors is always an adventure and challenge to me! The more I paint outdoors, the more intimate I become with our Earth and the more I can share this intimacy and value for our environment with others. It is the journey to complete a study or finish a painting outdoors that keeps me going out for more.

Favorite locations to paint: The coast of Maine
Last plein air event: Boothbay Harbor Stroke of Art


HEATHER CROUT – Oyster Pond, Nova Scotia
Heather is a well-known Eastern Shore Artist. Here is a description of her participation to a Region 5 Exhibition in 2013.

“Because we live on edge of the land/sea daily. Because we live on this edge- of the province, of the Atlantic Ocean, we have a deep sense of the metaphor of being on the edge of a beautiful but untrustworthy entity. We need to adjust, innovate, defend, defy circumstances beyond our control. We feel our emotional, financial, relational, spiritual and creative edges; this exhibition has found especial beauty in our responses to “Living on the Edge”.


MICHEL DOUCET – Weymouth, Nova Scotia
As a self-taught artist he grew up admiring the paintings in his family home and discovered his passion for painting at the age of 30. With the beauty around him, he discovered his inspiration, painting outside is like no other.

The creative process for me is “I want to bring the outside in” so others can see what I see.

His body of work reflects an awareness of the history of art and the artist’s continuing passion for enjoying and creating that which is universally recognized as beautiful. Common to all his work, be it the oils or sketches, is his desire to communicate.


TWILA ROBAR-DeCOSTE – Aylesford, Nova Scotia
Inspired by the beauty & diversity of gardens, woodlands and the ever-changing coast, Twila creates realistic paintings of natural subjects: birds, butterflies, flowers, landscapes & seascapes. Elected to the Society of Canadian Artists in 2009, she works in watercolour, ink, acrylic & oil. Visitors are welcome to enjoy the gardens around her studio.


CAROL DOUGLAS – Rockport, Maine
“Concentrate on landscapes, particularly the landscape of the North Atlantic. I’ve painted extensively along the Maine coast from Saco to Eastport, and inland primarily in the Adirondacks, Catskills and Finger Lakes regions of my native New York.

I prefer painting en plein air. The physical environment shows the marks of our existence, our relationship with each other, and ultimately our relationship with God. This visible record is subtle, but once you start to notice it, you realize it’s everywhere. And it forces you to work fast, to be loose, and to ignore the strictures of studio practice”.

Select juried and invitational shows
Third Annual Wet Paint on the Weskeag, South Thomaston, ME, August, 2016; Juror’s Choice Award.


After Working many years as an illustrator and graphic designer, Kathleen returned to her fine arts roots with oil painting. Discovering “en plein air” painting has inspired and challenged her to paint as often as schedule and weather allows.

“Plein air painting is a total sensory experience. Not only does one see the image, but the artist becomes immersed in it, feeling the heat, the cold, the bugs, the sound of the birds, wind, and water”. Whether working en plein air or in the studio, Kathleen strives to share that sensory experience with the viewer”

Second Place: Ohio Plein Air 2016 / Peninsula Plein Air Competition 2016


CHERYL FLEMMING – Prospect, Nova Scotia
“People are inspired and uplifted by beauty, nature and a positive vision for the future. I paint images of beauty and nature that aim to bring positive energy into my clients’ homes, offices and other environments. I believe that when living with and enjoying beautiful art, one’s state of mind and spirit is uplifted and expanded thereby supporting good health and success. I believe engagements with beautiful art give hope for the future and a better life”.

Cheryl has juried into an exhibitions at the Lunenburg Art Gallery, Swoon Fine Art Juried events, and an exhibition sponsored by the Laguna Plein Air Artists Association in California.


HELEN GRIFFITHS – Burlington, Ontario
Helen Griffiths started to draw at a very young age. Her first request for birthdays and Christmas was always for a new paint box and paper. . After working for numerous years in the commercial arts profession, she had the opportunity to change her career path to that of fine arts.

“Seeing that perfect moment, when light is falling across a setting, showing off life’s patterns, reflections, colours and textures, stirring the emotions, creating a memory. Life is full of these moments. There is an endless array of moments to paint and I am inspired with every corner I turn”.

Helen has received many awards, the latest was in April 2017 for the plein air painting, ‘The Old Houses of Ile aux Marins’.

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KATE GEORGALLAS – Antigonish, Nova Scotia
“My landscape paintings are single viewpoint paintings mostly evoking a solitary presence in landscapes that are for the most part uninhabited and natural. They suggest an encounter with the natural world, a sense of silence and an inner dialogue for the artist and possibly the observer. The painting are both meditative and searching, and try to show a connectedness to the elements encountered: sea, sky, and earth”.

My work has appeared in shows across the Maritimes and in galleries in both the United States and abroad.a degree in art and education from NSCAD University.


CHRISTOPHER GOREY – Ingonish, Nova Scotia
Chris Gorey’s work depicts the beautiful light and landscape of Northern Cape Breton as well as other locales. He has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States and Canada, and his paintings can be found in the collections of Anne Murray, The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Seneca College and Acadia University Art Galleries

Throughout his career, Chris has always been interested in how light affects objects and subject matter. While in Parrsboro and the surrounding area, Chris hopes to continue capturing the elusive and specific light that the Bay of Fundy region presents, using the media of watercolour and oil.


MARC GRANDBOIS – L’Anse-ST-Jean- Quebec City
His work is characterized by beautiful atmospheric qualities, and impressionistic casual brushstrokes with rich colours. His palette, sometimes subtle, moves towards a fauvism approach and adjusts to suit the ambiences he wants to create.

“I firmly believe that figurative art, especially the landscape, remains very current if it transcends the narrative, and in a way becomes a basis for experimenting with gestures, color and light.”

Marc Grandbois’s works are found in several public and private collections in Canada and abroad, and he has also participated in numerous painting events and exhibitions throughout Quebec and the United States.


GARRY HAMILTON – Knowlton, Quebec
“I am an impressionist.
What interests me most is light. How light reveals form, creates patterns, establishes mood. My approach is minimalist. I try to say the most with least marks possible. I look for a subject that has something distinctive about it; maybe an exciting tonal or textural or colour contrast”

In 2000, he retired from teaching to paint full time. I paint in studio and en plein air in Canada during summers and in the Dominican Republic during winters.

Art Award: 1st Prize, Societe Canadien du l’Aquarelle, International Salon 2013


CHANTAL JULIEN – Sherbrooke, Quebec
“A perfect moment in time.
When I look at a landscape, an emotion arises, just waiting to be immortalized. Light, often the first impression to capture my attention, becomes the trigger for the composition. I simplify the shape and use color and light to their expressive qualities, exploring the mysterious land between perceived and felt,between instinct and rationality.

I am looking primarily to produce an atmosphere to create an intense emotional dialogue with the viewer”.

Chantal lives and works in Sherbrooke, province of Quebec.
Her numerous awards and grants include: twice the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation. Her works are part of many public and private collections in Canada, the United States, Europe, Japan and Tunisia.


ALEXANDER KOLTAKOV – Hubley, Nova Scotia
“When I start a new art project, I become obsessed with it. I dream it, breathe it, live it until it’s done, and, even then, the idea doesn’t leave my mind, but flourishes and grows into the new creations, each of them has a part of my soul inside.”

Alexander Koltakov, is a Canadian artist, born in the Crimea, who came to Canada in 2007. Toronto was his first home and he now lives in the very picturesque seaside country of Halifax, where he soaks up natural beauty and wonder and processes these images through his eyes, mind, hands, right onto canvas and into plaster.


My artistic aim is always to ‘capture the essence’ no matter what the subject.Allowing the viewer to entertain their imagination.

En plein air awards
2014 Montague Plein Air Festival. Grand Prize


I paint in acrylic on canvas. My chosen subjects are abstracts and impressionistic and envisioned seascapes and coastal horizons.
Through colour, simplicity and balance, I hope to convey a sense of calm , peace and quietness in my paintings.

My work is represented by Teichert Gallery and ArtZone Gallery in Halifax.

I have been in innumerable juried group show and have sold my work in both Canada and internationally.

In 2015 my work took second place across Canada in The Society of Canadian Artist’s on line competition.


My painting has gone through an interesting transformation since I relocated to Nova Scotia. The vibrant colours of Nova Scotia sceneries have resulted in my usage of intense colours. While growing up in Taiwan, painting plein air was how I was trained and practiced. The one-seasoned landscapes of my home town did not encourage the usage of vivid colours.

Watercolour is a perfect medium for me.The tranquil beauty of rural Nova Scotia suits my personality. The love of this unspoiled spacious land has reflected on my painting as well. I have painted watercolour for as long as I can remember but still find this medium full of excitement and challenges.

Exhibitions and Acknowledgements: 2017 Semi Group show at Art Sales and Rental, Halifax.
2015 CSPWC “Open Water” International Juried show, Halifax, Nova Scotia


Painting has been her full-time occupation for 39 years. She has won numerous awards and has exhibited in New York, Colorado, San Diego and Montréal.

She has twice been the recipient of the Line Boisvert prize for transparency and luminosity. Her paintings are characterized by accurate draftsmanship and superb quality of light.

Her ideal walking and painting holiday is to spend three weeks in the Lake District of England.

Mary S. Martin has been elected Signature Member of: La Société canadienne de l’aquarelle (s.c.a.)


Carol’s interest in investigating the natural world around her, which led her to a career as a biologist, also led to paintings of landscape, still life and portraits. She is most influenced by the vibrant colors and expressive yet delicate brushwork of Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven, and uses similar techniques to express her fascination with painting the changing seasons in Nova Scotia.

Carol has had many solo and group shows across Canada. Portraits by her are in the IWK Health and Queen Elizabeth II Health Centres, and her work is in numerous private collections in Canada and abroad.The NS Art Bank has four of her paintings.

– Over the Edge (Solo). Craig Gallery, Dartmouth, NS.
– Group shows at Visual Voice Art Gallery, Truro and Going Coastal Gallery, Chester.


“Shapes and values are what attract me to a subject. I like to present the material in a new way that uses colour and edges for expression”.

Connie could say she is a self- taught painter but she has to thank all the artists, workshops and books who contributed to her learning along the way. She lives in Charlottetown, PE.

Winner of Max 4 juried show (Moncton 2008)
Instagram: con.o.b.

“My work evokes the past, both in technique and in subject. I do highly detailed studies of landscape, florals and everyday objects, capturing the subtleties of the light, colour, and textures that are so fascinating but so often overlooked. I’m fascinated by light and how it describes form, changes colours, is reflected back and disappears into the dark depths of a background. I get great pleasure from slowing down, spending hours intently observing and trying to capture the incredible beauty that surrounds us”.

Susan has exhibited extensively across Canada since the early eighties, presenting more than thirty solo shows and many more group shows including ‘Capture 2014, Nova Scotia Realism’ juried by Tom Smart and Peter Dykuis. Her work is in collections all over the world.

Finalist, International Artist Magazine, Feb/March 2017, Challenge 113, Still Life and Florals
Finalist, Still Life Category, Art Renewal Center’s 2016 Annual International Salon


“It is not about just painting the land in the open air. There has to be a pull or grab and it is what I find or do with that pull or grab that is my concern. There needs to be an echo, a calling, perhaps something that haunts. I strive for authenticity. It develops when origin is undisputed. If that is not there, it’s just the land and nothing else. Often than not, distant fields will pull me close”.

Provenzano earned a Masters of Fine Arts from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of the Arts (Philadelphia College of Art) and a Three-Year Certificate of the Fine Arts from the National Academy of Design School of the Fine Arts in New York.

Exhibitions Solo and Group, selected: 2017 The Lay of the Land Reconsidered, (forthcoming, Oct.-Dec.) The Reed Gallery, University of Maine at Presque Isle


JULIA PURCELL – Clyde River, Prince Edward Island
Julia Purcell is the eldest daughter of well-known artists Joseph and Tela Purcell of Nova Scotia. Julia has been painting and drawing since early childhood and studied at UBC and Dalhousie University where she earned an Honors BA in Theater and Music.

Presently she is living in Clyde River, PEI, with her husband and four children. She works in watercolor and oil, finding inspiration for her subjects in landscapes, townscapes, portraits and flowers. Despite the demands and pleasures of family life, Julia always finds time for painting, art demonstrations and teaching. In February of 2003 Julia had a successful solo show of her work called “Out in the Open” at the Showcase Gallery, Confederation Centre.

Julia also wants to fulfill a life long dream of writing and illustrating a children’s book.


CAROL PYE – Halifax, Nova Scotia
Carol is a Nova Scotia landscape artist who works in oils
to capture her distinctive sense of the Maritime landscape. Working plein air, Carol uses a rapid and intuitive style to reflect her experience of the landscape in a particular moment.

Carol was educated at Dalhousie, Acadia, and Queen’s Universities. After several years devoted to a professional practice, she has returned to her first love, painting. Since 2000, Carol’s work has been included in numerous collections and can be seen in select galleries including the Harvest Gallery in Wolfville.

My work is done entirely plein air. In my experience, the more challenging the weather, the better for the work. Our Nova Scotia climate provides plenty of weather challenges. For many years the area around Parrsboro has held a particular place in my imagination, with its amazing variety of landscape elements, stunning colour and its unique sense of the ancient.


GAIL SUTHERLAND – Bedford, Nova Scotia
“Expressing myself visually has always come naturally and my preferred medium is watercolour. This medium requires me to respond as much to it, as to my subject, and best reflects my artistic pursuits and nature. I am an avid hiker and the rugged beauty of the Maritimes and the people who reside here have been an endless source of inspiration for my work.

Gail is originally from Montreal and moved to Nova Scotia in the spring of 1990. She obtained her Fine Arts degree at John Abbott College then completed her BFA at Concordia University, with a specialization in graphic design. In 2011, Gail became an elected member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour.


ANN TIMMINS – Walton, Nova Scotia

“I see myself as a child swimming underwater exploring, amazed and absorbed by this visual, tactile and fluid experience. As an artist I connect these natural elements in my paintings, it is the fluid quality of the water, ink, paint, silk threads, transparency and light that reveal this essence of life in my art”.

Ann began her formal art studies at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and graduated from the Ontario College of Art with honors in Textile Design. and continued her education at the College of Geographic Sciences, and Ann freely admits that the fine art of map making, added to her appreciation of land forms from a unique perspective.

Galleried: Northern Images in Yellowknife; Trees Gallery in Nova Scotia, and at Northern House, Vancouver


STEVEN TOTH – Fall River, Nova Scotia
Steven was born in Budapest Hungary in 1951. During the mid 1960’s, He was one of the first students at the newly independent School for Fine Arts Toronto.

Upon graduation Steven enrolled at Sheridan College (studies: painting and illustration) in Oakville Ontario,and then went on to York University (fine arts) in 1972. Steven’s early influence was the European classical period of art- works by Rembrandt, and Vermeer as well as the Impressionists and modern artists such as Robert Motherwell, Mark Rothko, and Graham Coughtry.

Steven’s new works – The Kimono Landscape- incorporate hand made Japanese papers acquired from around the world, creating soft and tactile three-dimensional collages in relief. The imagery and application of materials are meant to represent growth, harmony, and balance.


ADAM TRAGACKIS – Antigonish, Nova Scotia
Adam was born in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. In 2010 he received his BFA at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver and currently lives and works in Nova Scotia and Ontario.

2014 – selected as a finalist in The Artist’s Magazine annual art competition (http://www.artistsnetwork.com/the-artists-magazine)

Solo Exhibitions: 2014
Mono No Aware, Sugar Shack Gallery, Kincardine, ON, March 29 – April 29
I Can’t See the Bullets, Gallery 444S, Toronto, July 9 – 23


LORRAINE VATCHER – Little Sands, Prince Edward Island
“At any time my favourite painting could be totally different from the one I was working on the previous day, but that is what an artist is all about…the learning never stops and if I can continue to enjoy the journey, hopefully my paintings will stay fresh and alive!

I paint in acrylic, oil and watercolour and have taken artist courses and workshops with some well-known artists from my area and in NL and also completed a two-year course of Graphic Production at the College of the North Atlantic in St John’s NL where I graduated in 2004.

We are located on beautiful Prince Edward Island and situated on the south east coast bordering on the Northumberland Strait. What a treat it is to rise from bed and look onto this mighty and wonderous water in all its ever-changing states!”


Always an artist, I began painting and drawing as a young child. My parents enrolled me in oil painting lessons when I was 11 years old. I attended New England School of Art’s 3 year program for advertising and design, and since have studied with many accomplished painters some of whom include Peggi Kroll Roberts, Charles Sovek, and Alfred ‘Chip’ Chadbourne.

I am a longtime member of 4th Floor Artists, Provincetown Art Association, Naples Art Association and North River Arts Society .

I also teach classes at my Rockland, Massachusetts studio in both oils and watercolors. My paintings can be seen at The Art Boutique at Tin City in Naples, Florida, and at my studio, by appointment.

I paint because it’s like breathing to me.


ROBERT SUTHERLAND – Hammond Plains, Nova Scotia
“I practiced during the pencil era as opposed to the computer era and so I am most comfortable with pencil and charcoal and I have used watercolour as a presentation medium for over forty years.

I started painting in oils after I retired and recently switched to acrylics because the faster drying time suits my temperament, and is better suited to plein air painting.

The only thing I can say about my artistic philosophy is that I am a big picture person meaning I have very little interest in a highly finished product. My value sketch usually captures what interests me and then the struggle is to translate that to a painting.


GARY MCFARLAND – Halifax, Nova Scotia

More information on Gary soon!


BOB JAY – Moncton, New Brunswick
Bob has dedicated to painting for twelve years now. In his third year, his work was seen in numerous juried exhibition. He received an honorable mention at a provincial art show; has had his first one man show, and was named “New Artist of the Month” at the Moncton Art Society Gallery in Highfield Square.

His subject of interest are from nature and he says he never paints people or pollution. The wilderness, he says, is his inspiration.

Bob tries to make his paintings as realistic as possible. He talks to other art society members and reads the comments in the guest book to get feedback on his art. It is doing this, he says, that has helped him improve his paintings as everything he`s learned is self taught.

Stay tuned. As other artists submit their professional information their profile will be added and he page updated.

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