Medium – bone, antler, teeth, crystal, wood and found objects

As a military child, Randy Corcoran spent much of his young life travelling, alternating that life with stays in the beautiful seaside town of Parrsboro. He felt an early urge to create with his hands and sharp eyes.
Following his years at Nova Scotia Teachers College and Mount Saint Vincent University, he temporarily found a home in the late 1980’s in the Pacific Northwest, where Randy taught Native North Americans and was seriously influenced by their art.
During the summers between 1984 and 1989, he was a busy actor and carpenter about the M.V. Kipawo, helping to build Parrsboro’s Ship’s Company Theatre during its formative years. Randy later returned to teach in Nova Scotia, when he carved his first wooden stickman after seven years of working with materials that included birch bark and feathers.
In 1994, Randy Corcoran opened his doors as an entrepreneur, operating a retail and guiding business known as “Dinatours”.
The high tides of the Bay of Fundy are often a source of materials and inspiration for this marine captain turned geologist. Aside from gathering crystals and fossils, environmental concerns and fishing are among Randy’s many passions. He currently spends his summers as a geological and fishing guide.

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