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Our Cultural Campus is growing in leaps and bounds. In 2015, 31 people attended 8 workshops; in 2016, the number of courses increased to 18 with 170 people participating; and in 2017, we expanded yet again with more than 200 people taking 21 courses which featured an amazing variety of creative experiences in painting (oil, watercolour, representational and expressionistic), stone-carving, photography, blacksmithing, basketry, drama, rug-hooking, music and more!

People came not only from all over the Maritimes, they arrived here from Ontario, Florida, and one intrepid adventurer travelled all the way from California! Their response to the classes was uniformly enthusiastic.

Every workshop provided a unique experience, and the instruction was exceptional with such well-known artists on board as Wayne Boucher, William Forrestall, James Hill, Joy Laking, Heather Lawson, Michael Tennyson, Pat Reid, Bill Rogers, Roger Savage and Monica Wright.

What people said in 2016

Hi Lawrence: What a fantastic workshop … an excellent open class with a very knowledgeable teacher – you inspired me!
Sheila Ferguson, on Lawrence Nicoll’s photography workshop

Sandra Racine is an excellent teacher – she was fun, enthusiastic, patient, and provided a great deal of positive reinforcement to everyone who participated in this customized basket-making course. I would highly recommend the course to anyone.
Liz Yorke, on Sandra Racine’s Art of Mi’Kmaw Basketry Course

The Cultural Campus encourages the skills involved in making art and fine craft

The Cultural Campus encourages the skills involved in making art and fine craft to be passed along to those interested in exploring their creative potential: from the hobbyist to the seasoned professional. Our campus is not anchored in any one location but will be found where the creative energies are best aligned for the learning experience: from the studios of Art Lab to the coal fired forge at The Age of Sail or the beaches of the Bay of Fundy, a pristine lake or the rehearsal hall of the Ship’s Company Theatre. Art is where you find it. Education follows the art.

Parrsboro, a once thriving seaport and primary resource exporter was bypassed during the era of major highway development in our province and thus became more isolated. This isolation has been our salvation in many ways. Aside from the unspoiled sea and countryside, it has meant our reliance on each other to make the most of things. The Cultural Campus is just such a working reliance. We have formed a partnership with others in our fields of interest to work to promote this wonderful diversity of cultural and creative learning. This environment provides an exceptional opportunity not only for those wanting to take a course but also provides an environment that is attractive to artists wanting to relocate here as it offers an opportunity for them pass along their skills to others.

The list of our collaborating partners demonstrates the diversity of opportunity that is Parrsboro Creative.

Parrsboro Creative is generously supported by:
The Nova Scotia Ministry of Communities, Culture and Heritage and The County of Cumberland.

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