Parrsboro Creative: An Attraction Program for Artists & Artisans

Mission Statement

001To create a vibrant artist and artisan community that will spearhead the rejuvenation and re-population of Parrsboro with established regional, national and international artists and artisans, working in a wide variety of disciplines.


  1. Undertake a regional, national and international juried search for a minimum of 15 selected artists to represent the core artist community.
  2. Artists will be encouraged to live in Parrsboro and create within an open studio environment and be an active member of their community.
  3. To establish an opportunity for emerging artists to contribute to the goals of the association.
  4. To work with the town of Parrsboro and a professional Marketing Director to realize the goals of the Association and market this project to consumers of artistic expression on a regional, national and international level.
  5. To establish either independently or through association with other organizations, an educational component via the establishment of wottawa1orkshops, residencies, mentorship, apprenticeships and other educational opportunities designed to assist new or established artists in furthering their skills.
  6. To assist in the development and promotion of other artistic endeavours, including competitions, festivals and exhibitions that will enhance and encourage the growth of  a vibrant arts community in the town of Parrsboro and surrounding area.
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