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I’ve shook hands with the place. – Andy Goldsworthy

In 1999, Andy Goldsworthy, the internationally renowned British sculptor, photographer and environmentalist, travelled to the Parrsboro shore to produce a site-specific sculpture. As the world’s highest tide carried his driftwood sculpture out to sea, spinning it slowly like a toy top, he remarked: “It feels as if it’s been taken off into another plane, another world…”

We invite you to discover the new world that is the Parrsboro shore – a place of discovery, inspiration, tranquility and community.  Nestled on Nova Scotia’s Bay of Fundy Shore, Parrsboro is only a two-hour drive from Nova Scotia’s capital city of Halifax, but once you have arrived you won’t pine for city-life. “Nova Scotia’s best kept secret,” Parrsboro has long been a haven for artists and other visitors who appreciate its remoteness non-stressed life style, the beauty of the surrounding sea, the quiet and relaxed atmosphere and its unhurried pace. Be inspired by one of the most stunning harbours in the world we live in.

10+ reasons to move your creative life to Parrsboro

SOP 501 – Artist Attraction Plan



  • The Artist Attraction Plan (AAP) is the core mechanism to achieve the mission statement to attract fulltime resident artists to live in the Parrsboro area and operate studio space within the identified “Art Zone”. The plan consists of incentive measures put in place to support them in their move and relocation.


  • Participation in the AAP is available to Canadians, permanent residents of Canada, and anyone with Canadian landed immigrant status.
  • The AAP is available to established professional practicing artists, and emerging artists with professional full time aspirations.
  • Artists must agree to establish their principle residence in Parrsboro or the radial community.
  • Artists must agree to the open studio concept* and agree to establish their studio within the recognized Art Zone as defined by Parrsboro Creative.

*The open studio concept is core to Parrsboro Creative and is defined as an artist owned and operated working studio with public hours of access to the general public where the artist is actively involved in creative work. A regular schedule of operating hours is expected. Seasonal adjustments are permitted.

Benefits to successful applicants includes 

  • Parrsboro Creative Membership;
  • Eligibility to be a part of the Artist Residency Exchange Program with partner organizations in Canada, Europe and the United States;
  • Parrsboro Creative’s marketing programs dedicated to Member Artists;.
  • Participation in Parrsboro Creative’s on line sales program;
  • Provision of contacts to regional galleries and festivals;
  • Assistance with relocation and business start up logistics;
  • Partner with Parrsboro Creative’s Cultural Campus for art courses and workshops.

Moving Assistance 

  • Parrsboro Creative will provide relocation assistance of up to $500.00 CAN

Legal Assistance

  • Complementary legal work, not including disbursements, will be provided for the purchase transaction of one property located within the Art Zone for qualified participants.

Studio Development Assistance 

  • Eligibility to apply to Parrsboro Creative for financial and/or in kind assistance toward the renovations of the street side façade of the artist’s owned studio if located within the Art Zone .

Location Advantages 

  • High speed Internet available throughout the Art Zone;
  • Centrally located within 2 hours of the region’s largest urban areas

Lifestyle Advantages 

  • Very low crime rate
  • Coastal fresh air and many days of sunshine
  • Stunningly beautiful geography
  • Active community spirit
  • K to 12 school located within walking distance of the Art Zone

Economic Advantages

  • Inexpensive housing/rent
  • Low property taxes

Application Process

  • Applications to the AAP are to be made in writing providing a profile of artistic achievements;
  • Applications should be addressed to:

Executive Director, Parrsboro Creative

PO Box 681

Parrsboro, Nova Scotia,

B0M 1S0

Approved for inclusion in Parrsboro Creative’s Standard Operating Procedures May 12, 2019





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