Make your life in Parrsboro.

I’ve shook hands with the place. – Andy Goldsworthy

In 1999, Andy Goldsworthy, the internationally renowned British sculptor, photographer and environmentalist, travelled to the Parrsboro shore to produce a site-specific sculpture. As the world’s highest tide carried his driftwood sculpture out to sea, spinning it slowly like a toy top, he remarked: “It feels as if it’s been taken off into another plane, another world…”

We invite you to discover the new world that is the Parrsboro shore – a place of discovery, inspiration, tranquility and community.  Nestled on Nova Scotia’s Bay of Fundy Shore, Parrsboro is only a two-hour drive from Nova Scotia’s capital city of Halifax, but once you have arrived you won’t pine for city-life. “Nova Scotia’s best kept secret,” Parrsboro has long been a haven for artists and other visitors who appreciate its remoteness non-stressed life style, the beauty of the surrounding sea, the quiet and relaxed atmosphere and its unhurried pace. Be inspired by one of the most stunning harbours in the world we live in.

10+ reasons to move to your creative life to Parrsboro

Moving your life and artistic practice to Parrsboro is not about compromising a dynamic community for a slower pace of life. Here, you can enjoy both!

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Participating artists will

  • Be provided a webpage on the Parrsboro Creative site
  • Have access to low cost online sales of their art through the Parrsboro Creative web site
  • Benefit from media coverage and group advertising initiatives
  • Benefit from the Parrsboro Creative marketing plan and its connections to the marketing strategies of the Province of Nova Scotia

Space to live and work:

Parrsboro is an emerging creative hub. Livable and workable space for artists and related businesses to support their livelihood are available and in development.  Map of creative spaces available coming soon. 





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