The people of Parrsboro

Here you will find that everyone has a story to tell and that the old ways of life intermingle with the new. Parrsboro has been home to a father of Canadian confederation, the man who discovered the world’s smallest dinosaur tracks, and is now home to population of entrepreneurial and committed residents who make it a priority to support the arts in all its forms.

Parrsboro is home to approximately 1500 people who enjoy unique recreational activities such as rockhounding and are served by a variety of organizations in the immediate local area.

What is life like in Parrsboro? Here’s what Helen has to say:

“On a September evening in Parrsboro, sitting on the porch of our 19th-century captain’s house overlooking the water we watch the bald eagles, blue herons, kingfishers, ducks and gulls. Twice I’ve seen snowy egrets on the river between our house and the Fundy Geological Museum. At this time of year, flocks of Canada Geese gather in the marsh grass near the Ship’s Company Theatre (“known to locals as, The Ship”). After we’ve wandered around our garden for a while, we walk downtown and have dinner at a fine restaurant where we know the owners, chef, servers and patrons. Then we walk home, past The Ship, under the Milky Way. If the tide’s in, you can see the lighthouse’s reflection in the moon-lit water. But we could have gone to a concert, lecture, or a movie at The Hall instead, or sat on a beach, or driven down the road to the F.O.R.C.E. interpretive centre… the list goes on!”

The Wow Factor

There is a ‘wow factor’ to living Parrsboro. That’s probably why people feel they are being let in on a secret when they experience our reality.  Top ten reasons to move your cultural life to Parrsboro. 


Parrsboro supports a vibrant tourist season from May to October. Enjoy the pristine beaches and go kayaking or rockhounding during the warm summer months. Parrsboro is also a convenient base for short trips around the area such as to the UNESCO Heritage Site at the Joggins Fossil Cliffs and to the stunning Advocate Harbour, likened to Nova Scotia’s famous Cabot Trail. In fall, the surrounding landscapes and seascapes explode in beauty as the leaves and blueberry fields change colour.  Life by the sea promotes mild temperatures in both winter and spring, making Parrsboro an ideal all-seasons destination.

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