2019 Residency Artists

Carol Douglas

JUL 1-15
Carol L. Douglas is a painter and teacher from Rockport. Her painting blog, Watch Me Paint, is ranked 7th on the internet, based on search and social metrics. A native of Buffalo, NY, she studied painting with her father and then at the Art Students League in New York.
She teaches a popular week-long workshop in Acadia every August, and a four-day watercolor workshop aboard the schooner American Eagle in June. In 2016, she traveled 10,000 miles from Alaska to Newfoundland to paint in the wild. She regularly participates in paint outs in the US and Canada.


Guy Vezina

Fredericton, New Brunswick
JUL 16–30
Guy Vezina tends to think in images, that is probably why drawing and painting have always been a part of his life. In his childhood he developed a fascination with the various plays of light and shadow that persists to this day.
Inspiration for Vezina comes from many different directions. At times something seen strikes the desire to visually understand it and express what is felt as striking. Then there is an idea, a dream, a memory, or a visual flash, and he begins to work it out through sketches and various photographic sources.

Linda Yurgensen

Vancouver Island, BC
AUG 1-15
Linda (b. 1958) is a self-taught artist living on Vancouver Island who paints primarily in acrylics and oil. Having grown up in Nova Scotia in an artistic family, she learned very early on that she had a love for art. Always drawing as a child she advanced to painting as a young adult but with the responsibilities of a growing family put art aside until just a few short years ago. Since that time Linda has been growing as an artist and painting has been part of her daily routine. In her home studio Linda creates works that are full of saturated color and light and heavy with texture that has become her trademark. Light, color and composition are all vital elements in her work. Linda’s work has been included in many private collections throughout the United States and Canada and her work and painting process was included in a book published by Walter Foster in 2013 entitled “The Art of Painting in Acrylic”.


Pat Gauthier

Fort St James, British Columbia
AUG 16-23
Pat Gauthier loves the challenge of learning and applying it to all different subjects. It’s all relevant to how light lays upon a surface, combining that to capturing the essence of what she sees and feels in that moment. Gauthier’s inspiration is nature driven, landscapes to the evocative nature of aged and abandoned structures, cattle and horses because of our life on the ranch. Florals to portraits subjects are varied as this keeps Gauthier fresh with ideas, to her art is about expressing rather than the motifs.


Janet Sutherland

AUG 24-31
As an artist Janice Sutherland tries to make each painting a visual record of our world today. She concentrates on landscapes, often incorporating human made structures and pedestrians.
Sutherland’s primary goal in painting landscapes is to portray light and its transformative qualities. She believes it is the effect of light that makes us stop to recognize the overlooked beauty of the familiar world we live in. In her work, she strives to capture that moment of recognition as it is happening with the hope of reminding her viewers of the magic that is woven into life’s tapestry


Diane Leifheit

Gabriels, New York
SEPT 1 – 15
As a pastel painter, color is what grabs Diane Leifheit. Her home base, the Adirondack region, contains the whole spectrum of color from the blue that is a shadow in a snowbank to the myriad greens of summer, to the riot of autumn leaves. The human figure ads depth to her compositions relating the land to its inhabitants.
Leifheit’s medium of pastel allows her to construct a very close interpretation of a particular landscape, but also exhibit the freedom to capture a mood in the work i.e. misty mornings, swirling snow storms or the atmosphere of a hot, humid day.


Enda Bardell

Vancouver, British Columbia
SEPT 23 – OCT 3
Enda Bardell’s work is about the feeling of having been there and recapturing the experience. It is about fresh air and freedom; rekindling the memory of a particular place.
Bardell wants the viewer to be captivated by the same emotion and overwhelming experience that I had from the inspiration, whether it be in the magnitude of a setting sun by the sea, a stormy sky, majestic mountain, or entangled forest.
Painting fast and loose watercolours enables me to connect with the fleeting moment and light.
Bardell loves the fluidity of the paint on paper, allowing the colour to dance before me as she maintains a loose rein on its direction.


Lynda Shalagan

Halifax, Nova Scotia
OCT 4 – OCT 18
Lynda Shalagan’s work in painting, while oscillating between representation and abstraction, documents an intuitive inquiry into the forms and processes found in nature. Inspired by ecological, spiritual and psychological perspectives, she is interested in the way nature directs and confirms the spectrum of life displaying pattern and process in unlimited variation in the landscape and the human body/mind.


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