10 – High-speed internet connectivity – ideal for remote workers and creative marketers.

Learning and socializing on the beach







9 – A growing tourism economy: Parrsboro is too special a place to keep a secret. From June to October, Parrsboro welcomes many visitors who enjoy the cultural offerings of our town.








8 – Close proximity to international airports and the large urban centre of Halifax.








7 – An array of outdoor activities: Enjoy wildlife and bird watching in your back yard, learning the old ways of life on the sea, and hiking some of the world’s most spectacular provincial parks. Explore activities unique to our area, such as rockhounding and fossil discovery at the majestic fossil cliffs of nearby Joggins.  








6 – Inspiring coastal landscapes and the world’s highest tides. Did you know that the Fundy tides were nominated as one of the world’s seven natural wonders? Artist Andy Goldsworthy took inspiration from our tides, and you can too!







5 – Local foods – We believe that the preparation of great food is an art. Learn more about our inspiring food artists – located right here in the Parrsboro region! And, as the locals will boast, our temperate climate = great gardening!







4 – One of Canada’s most renowned professional theatre companies. The Ship’s company is a local landmark and a prime centre for the production and development of Canadian and Atlantic theatre.







3 – You can walk everywhere, including on the ocean’s floor! Musician Serena Ryder recently staged a concert at low tide on the Fundy coast. Love a challenge? Join in the annual “mud run”!

not since moses2







2 – Inexpensive housing and real-estate. Why buy an expensive home or studio in the city when you can own a coastal property for less? A home in the city of Vancouver will cost, on average, $922,000.  A home with a sea-view in Parrsboro will cost you much, much less! Learn more about our real estate market.


1 – A caring cultural community: While it’s a cliché that small town life is community oriented, we believe you will fall in love with the Parrsboro way. Here, we don’t have to lock our doors, and neighbours give each other a hand when in need. What’s more, there exists an established cultural community anchored in theatre, history, music, and visual arts.


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