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Sheila McCarthy, one of Canada’s most successful actors is coming to Parrsboro in June to teach a two-day class in acting comedy for Parrsboro Creative’s Cultural Campus. The course is called – SO YOU THINK YOU’RE NOT FUNNY – and it promises to be entertaining, informative, and a lot of fun! Sheila McCarthy has a stellar 35 year career that has seen her performing lead parts at the Stratford and Shaw Festivals, playing character roles in Hollywood films like Die Hard 2, The Day After tomorrow, and Stepping Out with Lisa Minelli.

A multiple award-winning actress, Sheila has two Gemini (tv) awards under her belt for best actress, and has been a leading player in seven CBC television series, most notably Road to Avonlea, Emily of New Moon and Little Mosque on The Prairie. She also has two Genie Awards (film); and at the Cannes Film Festival, she won the People’s Choice award for her performance in  I’ve Heard the Mermaids Singing.

Sheila is continuing her film career with such recent projects as Connie Hendrix, mother of the clone Alison in the critically acclaimed BBC America series Orphan Black, a new Netflix series called The Umbrella Academy, and recently, she played the role of Amesha in Star Trek: Discovery, Episode “New Eden”.

“Sheila has had an amazing career”, comments Parrsboro Creative Executive Director Robert More, “ I worked with her in the Grand Theatre Company in London Ontario for a year, and she is truly one of the funniest and most entertaining actors I’ve ever seen.  And not only is she a brilliant performer of comedy, she knows how to teach it, and has set up a fantastic two-day workshop for us which will explore comedy on film from the Silent Film era to present day sitcoms and web series.”

For this course, the participants will work in pairs reading, rehearsing, filming and then watching on video a comedy scene of their choice. Different comedy styles will be discussed, from the madcap to  British wry humour, and there will be a look at a handful of the comic geniuses on film to see exactly how it’s done.

Sheila will also explore the physical side of comedy as well as the inner workings of it, and all this will be done in a warm and open environment where everything goes and comedy techniques are learned through a ton of laughter and fun. In her own words – “Everyone’s idea of comedy is different. That’s what makes this class so exciting. You think you’re not funny? You will be after this experience!”

SO YOU THINK YOU’RE NOT FUNNY – presented by Parrsboro Creative. For students with all levels of acting experience, and for actors both community and professional.

For ONLINE REGISTRATION and Course Information, please go to our website:

To arrange interviews with Sheila McCarthy, please contact Robert More   /   902-728-2007



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