Weekly News Update from Parrsboro Creative, Week of August 20th, 2015

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Parrsboro Creative Update – Week of August 20th, 2015

Weekly News Update from Parrsboro Creative, Week of August 20th, 2015

FAUX WOOD AND RESTORATIVE DECOR MASTER CLASS There’s a ton of excitement in the air as we’re only about 5 weeks away from launching our Master Class in Decorative Faux Wood Painting and Finishing with Internationally-Acclaimed Restorative Artist Lori Le Mare. (Lori is pictured hard at work in the photo above)   It takes place at Art Lab in Parrsboro between September 30th and October 4th. For more information on this highly-anticipated 5-day Master Class, please click https://www.parrsborocreative.com/events/master-class-in-decorative-painting/ We’re already hearing from people as diverse as casual home redecorators to established heritage carpenters who want to take this Master Class.  Don’t miss out, as this is Lori Le Mare’s only Master Class in Atlantic Canada this year!

2 ARTISTS AT ONE OPENING The works of Catherine Myers and Helen Wasson-Graham will be front and centre at Art Lab this Sunday.  Drop by Art Lab Studios in Parrsboro at 2pm for their show opening. The talent from this pair of associate artists will astound you!  For more information, www.artlabstudios.ca or call (902) 254-2972.

SOUND AND LIGHTING WORKSHOP Just a few days after the Labour Day weekend, there’ll be music and lighting in the air at The Hall in Parrsboro.

The September Sound and Lighting Workshop takes place Sept 11th to the 13th inclusive.  Participants will gain hands-on experience in concert lighting and sound with a touch of theatre lighting thrown in to round out the course.  Concert sound is the key to this course, and the equipment will be on site for students to use.  Things wrap up on Sunday with a real-life concert, whereby participants can practice their skills in professional lighting and sound.  Ages 14 and up are encouraged to attend.

Our instructors are Rob Bentley and Michael Fuller  To register, visit https://www.parrsborocreative.com/events/sound-and-light-summer-workshop-rob-bentley-and-michael-fuller-3-day-course/

CARVED IN STONE Also ahead in September, over the weekend of Sept 19th and 20th you will learn the ancient art of using a mallet and chisels to create a permanent work in stone. .Master Stone Carver Heather Lawson of Bass River will lead this weekend of creativity, so sign up early.  The cost is only $200 and you’ll finish with a personalized stone carving to take home.

You only need to bring safety glasses, closed toed shoes and your imagination. Registration details are here. https://www.parrsborocreative.com/events/stone-carving-2-day-course-heather-lawson/


ART LAB STUDIOS & GALLERY Art Lab Studios and Gallery on Parrsboro’s Main Street wraps up its Wednesday evenings in August series called “The Art of Sketching for Illustrated Journaling.”  With a little guidance and a creative mind, you’re in for some fun! The cost is just $18 to latch onto something great and creative for yourself.  For details, visit https://www.parrsborocreative.com/events/the-art-of-sketching-for-illustrated-journaling-krista-wells/


SHIP’S COMPANY THEATRE  There’s still a bit of time to attend the Ship’s Company Theatre presentation of “The Romeo Initiative” until August 30th.  Showtimes are nightly at 8pm, and on Sundays, there’s a second performance at 2pm.  Time is growing short, so call today for tickets by using 1-800-565-SHOW (7469) or visit http://shipscompanytheatre.com/


For more information about what Parrsboro Creative this summer season, just visit www.parrsborocreative.com. If one of your friends would like to receive this weekly update, or to unsubscribe, contact us using dmc@parrsborocreative.com

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