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Welcome to our new web site.  We’re sure you’ll find it to be your most useful tool in keeping track of our activities here at Parrsboro Creative and in sorting out our myriad of arts and cultural offerings, along with those of our partner organizations. Please bookmark this page for future reference.

It sure is an exciting time of year to be in the Parrsboro area.   The weather has been hit and miss, but hey, it’s summer, and the choices in activities are definitely on the rise!

Workshops are taking place in art, music, acting and all kinds of cultural and historical endeavours.   If you haven’t been down to Port Greville to see Oralee O’Byrne and her gang at the Age of Sail Museum lately, you don’t have any excuses from here on in.  They’re now open for summer hours, and that means you can pay a visit 7 days a week between 10 and 6pm. And a reminder that they also have a blacksmithing display on Saturday, July 4th.

Art Lab is getting ready for a very busy summer of events.  Weekly Life Drawing sessions take place at their Main Street location every Tuesday evening from 7 until 9pm.  And looking ahead, we’re closing in on Friday, July 10th, when local artist Jill Langford will instruct a fun course in paper marbling from 2 until 5pm.  For more information, just click on this link.  http://www.artlabstudios.ca/p/workshops.html

At Ship’s Company Theatre, Habit of Murder continues for most of the month, wrapping up on July 26th.  The reviews so far are very good.

If you’re into the fun events at the Fundy Geological Museum, no worries.  They’re all geared up for learning about the planet while providing us with lots of fun.  In fact, this summer gives us all a chance to prospect for gold in a prospector’s camp in the wilds of early Canada.  Contact the museum for details.   On Saturday, July 4th, you might want to check out the workshop called “Giant Silkworms and Luna Moths”.  As the Parrsboro Field Naturalists say, the world is full of magic and mystery, and this is a great way to experience that.   And don’t forget the Parrsboro Geology/Dinosaur Walk on July 11th.  For more information on that, just click here and get yourself caught up.  https://fundygeological.novascotia.ca/events

Watch here each weeks for the latest updates from Parrsboro Creative, and for breaking news between our regular Thursday updates, we’ll be happy link you into this website from our facebook and twitter pages.

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