Parrsboro Creative
Parrsboro, nestled into the coast of the Bay of Fundy
One community, unlimited possibilities
where creative energies are as massive as the changing tides.
that aims to rejuvenate and repopulate Parrsboro with established regional, national and international artists and artisans
in our inspiring community.


Latest and Greatest

great community. amazing artists.

  • Taylor is a painter, sewer, assembler of stuff, and author. Her art is directed by colour and her writing is playful. Creating “things” and making happy endings is what she does. Her children’s book, All Because of a Hat, is a Yukon wildlife adventure, delightful and engaging to all beings young at heart.

    Taylor Redmond
    Taylor Redmond Artist
  • As an artist Michael Fuller’s work has stretched from stage, environment, steel, wood, and canvas through the mediums of hewn timber, fire, light, and paint and he continues to search for the unexpected. His medium of choice these days is acrylic paint and his inspiration is the drama found in reality, whether that be the expressive portrait or the brooding sky.

    Michael Fuller
    Michael Fuller Artist
  • Krista describes herself as a storyteller, no matter what she is creating. She paints, illustrates, sculpts, creates mosaics and jewellery, and she recently published Dog-eared Journals, art and observations from a dog living in Portugal. Her work is whimsical, colourful, and often smile-inducing.

    Krista Wells
    Krista Wells Artist
  • Krista is a trained costume designer and brings those skills and a wonderful sense of both playfulness and sophistication to her creations. She has a fascination with re purposing found objects, which run the gamut from jewellery and bags to dresses and stuffed critters.

    Krista Levy Odlin
    Krista Levy Odlin Artist
  • A realist painter in watercolours, oils and acrylics, Joy has had national solo exhibitions including the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. An elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists, Joy paints anything that she finds beautiful. She is inspired by Nova Scotia as well as her world wanderings.

    Joy Laking
    Joy Laking Artist
  • “My work explores the mythical and the mystical in our lives with colour and pattern.” Jill’s beautiful and lyrical work is inspired by the sea. She layers strong, transparent colours of ink to explore pattern and texture, myth and magic. or

    Jill Langford
    Jill Langford Artist
  • Growing up in the country, Arlene’s love for art began at a young age, sketching scenes and admiring the beauty of landscapes. Her love for animals, especially birds, is her inspiration as she captures their beauty with precise strokes on canvas. Many of her ideas come from watching wildlife in her area, and with the aid of a camera she usually finds her next subject. Although the majority of Arlene’s work is wildlife, she also paints landscapes and seascapes.

    Arlene Collins
    Arlene Collins

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